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Why Padarpan Acting Class?

Our assurance of your success is totally based on our visible standards and unparalleled credits, which include the following. Our Values: We value every bit of your dream and try our best to bring it to reality. Student comfort: at Padarpan films and theatre institute student comfort is the key. It can be seen in terms of fee payments, session selection, and flexible workout schedules. Exclusivity in training: Exclusive methods of teaching, supported with aids, were followed to train students at the academy.

Some words from our students

"photography is a love affair with life"

Diploma/Certificate Courses
  • DIPLOMA in Acting for Film and TV (Regular)
  • DIPLOMA in Acting for Film and TV (Weekend)
  • Acting & Presentation (Regular & Weekend)
Bachleor Degree
  • BACHELOR IN (Acting) + Diploma in Acting
Master Degree
  • MASTER IN (Acting) + Mass-Communication Journalism
  • MASTER IN (Acting) + PG Diploma in Acting
  • MASTER IN (Acting) + PG Diploma in Direction
  • MASTER IN (Acting) + PG Diploma in Cinematography




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Best acting institute in India- Tips and Advises for the chosen career!!!

Are you interested in becoming an actor? Is acting, modelling or theatre is your passion? Is being on a stage and performing for an audience is your dream? Well, then you have to think seriously about moving further in the right direction. The very first question which comes up in discussions is why do you want to become an actor? Have you enrolled or passed or looked for acting and modelling schools in India? Do you have what the industry is looking for?

The very first thing before moving forward is to find the answer to “why”. Once you have the answer your confidence and the ability to carry on will increase with ten folds. As you move in this direction you will realize that it is not the easy path to walk on. You will face challenges, disappointments as well as competition. However, once you are confident about the “why you are here” answer, then moving forward will be the hassle and struggle free.

The best acting institute in India, suggests that the best way to remain confident about your dreams without being let down or knocked down is to remember few reasons in your mind.

  • Why did you choose acting or theatre at the very first place?
  • Will you be okay by quitting the career?
  • Are you ready to look for different options?
  • Is leaving a dream so much easy for you?

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