• Acting & Presentation (Regular)
  • Production Direction & Camera Lighting Techniques
  • Fashion & Modeling

Course Structure-

Duration: 3 to 6 Months…

Schedule: (Monday to Friday) & (Saturday & Sunday) Regular & Weekends

The 3  Months certificate course offered at Padarpan Films and Theatre Institute Acting academy is more like a part time acting course offering basic as well as professional awareness and techniques necessary to excel. The course focuses on imparting an in-depth knowledge of all fundamentals rules of film making & Pre & Post Production.  It is a comprehensive module designed by the experts’ trained films directors, in such a way that, it includes not only  acting  sessions but also some key personality development courses. Acting is more of art than a simple study schedule. Therefore, theory as well as practical coupled with theatrical experience is needed for an individual aspiring to become a professional in the field. The course aims to equip students is managing a Films /T.V program creative aspects and directing the entire cast and crew in the fulfillment of the vision.  This certificate Acting Course Regular & Saturday &Sunday and only Sunday’s training sessions can be a choice for those willing to improve in acting but couldn’t attend regularly due to professional limitations. The course will be including both basic and higher training modules covering diverse acting techniques.


Method of Films Acting
Understanding acting as an actor theater or films
Body movements Training
Body language Training
Camera facing technique 
Art of audition or Present yourself in front of camera
Voice Exercises – speech, diction, Level of Voice…. 
Bollywood Dance Training
Films and theater Memory exercises Training
Stage acting and anchoring Training

Voice Modulations and variations for theater and films
Characterization & Improvisation Training

Theater techniques with stage presentations Training

Costumes Dress design Training
Dialog Dubbing Practical Training

Lightning Training

Sound Training

Production Training

Direction Training

Script Writing Training

Managements Training 

  • Acting & Presentation (Regular)

Course Duration: 3 Months
Course Schedule: Full Week (90 Days)
Class Duration: Every Day 9Am to 7Pm (900 Hours)
Benefits 100 % Placements or money Back
1. Video Show Real (Profile)
2. Acting Port- Folio
3. Shot Movie or Tele Film
4. 1 TV Program
5. Course Certification
6. Awards
7.Audition Support

During Course we will provide 100 % placements through our production house …. So that students can build their confident and get successes in their field. After successful completion of the course, the students will be provided with the certificate from the acting institute and Audition support so that our students shine like stars.