• DIPLOMA in Acting for Film and TV
  • DIPLOMA in Acting (Regular & Weekend)
  • DIPLOMA in Post Production & Pre Production
  • DIPLOMA in Fashion & Modeling (Regular & Weekend)
  • DIPLOMA in Film and TV Direction

Course Duration: 1 Year  Days : 360   Total Hours : 3600
Course Schedule: Weekends & Regular
Class Duration: Every Day 9Am to 7Pm 

Benefits 100 % Placements or money Back Guarantee 

Video Show Real (Profile)
Acting Port- Folio
Short Movie {1 to 30 }
Ad / TVC {1 to 10 }
Tele Film {1 to 10 }
1 TV Program {1 to 26 Tv Program}
Diploma Course Certification
Experience Certificates
Theater Play  {1 to 30 }
Modeling Show {1 to 10 }
Dance Show {1 to 30 }
Media Profile All Program {1 to 50 }
Audition Support
Artist Card 

Course Structure-

  • Duration: 1 Year     Days : 360   Total Hours : 3600
  • The course will divide in to Two semesters.(I & II)
  • Schedule: (Monday to Friday ) Regular Time 9Am to 7pm
  • Schedule: (Saturday & Sunday) Weekends Time 12Am to 7pm
  • Diploma in Acting for Film and TV

The Secret success of a film or television, Depends on the work of the actor/Actress and it is through his work that he brings life to the screen. The objective of acting is to create something believable, humane and to make the audience think while they are being amused, moved, enlightened, informed or scared out of their wits. Actors have to try to find a way of conveying thoughts of their character and to do this for doing this they have to use a number of techniques and skills. Admission: Open depends on seats first com first basis…Our One Year Acting Course program in acting is an extensive 12 months program, designed to incorporate into beginners, the most needed techniques in the acting fields for a brighter tomorrow. This One Year Acting Course program at Padarpan films and theatre institute is precisely designed to initiate and equip an enthusiastic amateur to learn a wide array of techniques for a successful career in the acting world.

 Semesters – I

  • Breakup –Acting for Films, Serial & Theater Training 
  • Dance – Westerns Class Training (Bollywood

Acting Class , Camera acting Class , Short Film, Ad Films, Serial, Tele Films, Acting Portfolio , Modeling Class , Grooming Class , Personality Development

Course Structure- 

Training of Acting Instruments ,
Breathing Exercises Training
 and Theatre BodyPosture Training 
Voice Exercises Training– Speech, Diction, Level of Voice & Voice of Family….
 and Theatre Dialog Delivery & Voice Modulation Training 
 and Theatre Body Language Training 
Films Actor’s methods:
How to Use of Property in act
Holding an expression Training
Carrying moods and emotions Training
Films Screen acting Training
 and Theatre Script Understanding Training
Observation Training

Films Character Focus Training
Films Improvisation& Characterization Training
Acting Techniques Training
Being on
 film set practical Training
Camera facing technique
 fight Training
 song Training
Make-up Training
Costumes Dress design
Dialog Dubbing Practical

 Semesters – II

  • We will focus on your five-fold development of our superstars including-:
  1. Mental Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Creative Sense
  4. Musical Development
  5. Padarpan will not only improve your acting skills but also focus on your academics.

You Can chose Major and Miner according to your interest :

  1. Modeling & Fashion –
  2. Production
  3. Direction
  4. Script Writing
  5. Managements

  • The acting course structure intensifies with time and the students attending it will be chiseled to face the diverse challenges and sections of screen and stage acting as they attain overall personality development. During the course students will get 100% placements in stage shows, short Movies (Tele-films) with professional portfolio …and TV Serials Students will be given with the certificate after the completion of the acting course with. Audition support from us… and all documents certificates and DVD. During Course we will provide 100 % placements through our production house …. So that students can build their confident and get successes in their field. After successful completion of the course, the students will be provided with the certificate from the acting institute and Audition support so that our students shine like stars.
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