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In movies and television, the film director holds a privileged position. Much like a conductor of an orchestra, a director must coordinate a whole team of actors, crew members, camera operators, producers, and the many other individual positions that make up a film set. A director is at once familiar with all of the elements of a production while making sure each department works well with each other, ensuring her or his creative vision is realized.

Padarpan films and theatre Institute(PFTI) has film direction programs and workshops housed within our film school. In our directing program students learn the skills and traits of a successful director not simply by studying the fundamentals of filmmaking, but by actually becoming familiar with all aspects of movie production. Through the Academy’s philosophy of learning by doing, in just a single year in a directing program at the Academy, students will direct eight original films and crew on twenty-eight others, working in such positions as grip, gaffer, assistant camera operator, and much more.

Film direction course overview

1. Understanding the role of contemporary director

2. Script writing

  • developing an idea into full length script
  • 3 act structure of the story
  • developing characters and understanding chracter arc
  • treatment of plot

3. Working with actors-directing the actors

  • narrating script to actors
  • learning 4 school of acting and preparing actors for film
  • buiding chracters physical,psychological and metaphysical
  • scene work with actors,monologue,action probelm,text&subtext

4. Cinematography

  • working with dslr and film cameras
  • types of various shots and application and understadning visual grammar
  • preparing storyboarding& shooting script
  • scene blocking
  • understanding light for film,colors,shapes,movements,miscenscene

5. Editing and post production

  • learning the art of linear and nonlinear editing
  • scene direction,180 degree rule and maintabing contiuity
  • learning the basics of editing software fcp and adobe premiere pro
  • color grading,sound mixing and montages

Films & Production Syllabus 


  • Screen writing
  • Developing in idea into concept
  • Building characters
  • Understanding three act structure and working with it in respect to building blocks
  • Hero’s journey
  • Writing final draft for films


  • Understanding the visual grammar of films {different shots , color , mi-scene seen }
  • Understanding aesthetic of films
  • Working with shooting script
  • Final work flow {or shooting films on floor }


  • Understanding 4 school of acting
  • Synchronizing actors with story
  • Guiding actors with the prospects of location prox and costiums
  • Directing actors for each shots and breaking the script into diff acts


  • Understanding basic editing principles
  • Working with montage
  • Sound editing & dubbing

Creating meaning full story

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