WHY Padarpan Group

If you are on this page, the first thing to be done is to congratulate you for your decision to find a career in acting!!! Our assurance of your success is totally based on our visible standards and unparalleled credits, which include the following. Our Values: We value every bit of your dream and try our best to bring it to reality. Student comfort: at Padarpan films and theatre institute student comfort is the key. It can be seen in terms of fee payments, session selection, and flexible workout schedules. Exclusivity in training: Exclusive methods of teaching, supported with aids, were followed to train students at the academy.



All of the traits will not only guide you but will make you a better professional and an expert of your field. Now you know how to move in the right direction is, if the acting industry is your goal. Well here is one more thing and i.e. being the best in the industry. To become the best, you have to pick the best acting institute in Delhi or India, depending on your location.

Once you are done with selecting the right drama academy in Delhi or your area, the next step is to make the best use of your classes. Attending acting schools in any area can be full of excitement, enthusiasm or fun for all, be it actors, directors or other members of the crew. None of these courses are cheap hence making the most use of the course requires some pre-planning and preparation. Here are some ideas suggested by the institutes of acting and theatre classes in Delhi.

  • Plan your outfit: Always plan your outfit in advance before visiting the academy. As your outfit is the very first thing which will come in your way during practice. Most of the experts suggest that wearing comfortable clothes in your practice. Outfits like athletic wear allows you to move during warm-ups and practice comfortably. Create the impression through your work not outfit.
  • Keep the nervousness at Bay: Don’t be nervous. Everyone had their first day at acting school. Be confident about your ability to perform and work. Always remember why did you enrolled in the acting class at the first place. If you are really nervous and stressed out about your first day keep in mind that it is the foundation stone of your dream and passion. It will make your dream come true.
  • Be open!! Be confident!! Be yourself: You are in a profession where being open and confident is the most important trait. While pursuing theatre courses in Delhi, if you close yourself up then you cannot come out with flying colours. To be successful you have to leave all your preconceived notions at home and be confident, connect with everyone and stay what you are. Show off your skills by being humble, carry your pride but by being down to earth. You don’t have to change your real character to play a virtual role on screen. While you are learning learn and practice as much as you can. These things won’t come back. Remember the quote by Meryl Streep,

Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”

  • Be a team player: In acting, you are always be a part of the crew and has to work with a team in one or the other. Hence you should create the habit of working in a team from the start. Working alone on the things is easy to learn so that is a habit which is created easily. However, working with the team sometimes becomes tough because of the different mindsets. In the end, everyone has a role to play so stay connected with everyone.
  • Be where you are: Too philosophical!!! Well, the real meaning is, be always present mentally in your classes, else you will not be able to learn anything in the right way. Distraction is the main reason for the lack of success for several people. During your theatre training in Delhi just think about your dialogues, performance and lines, nothing else. Stay focused!!! Stay alert!!!
  • Mistakes are the part and parcel: Mistakes is the part and parcel of life. Don’t worry about what mistakes you are making just try to do your best. As the saying says, “Making mistakes isn’t the end of the world, you’re expected to screw up.” The main thing is not repeating the same mistake twice and learning from it. Feeling bad about mistake can easily discourage you from making the effort in classes. Just get up shrug your shoulders and try not to repeat it again.
  • Emotions are needed: Some people say keep yourself detached and emotionless. Well, acting is all about playing emotions and projecting feelings without these two traits the acting will not be complete and will not be magical. While taking your acting classes, express your emotions based on the role but not based on the gender stereotypes, if you get the meaning what we are saying.
  • Improvising helps sometimes: You might have heard that “Improvisation is a popular and important technique in acting.” Stay familiar with improvisation before and after your acting classes. Obviously, consult with the director but improvising can help you to flow the creativity. A different set of opinion can bring magic.
  • Your voice is what others want: People are there to hear you and your voice. They are not there to listen to anyone else’s copy. Be what you are and how does you sound. Using your own voice with confidence will add perfection to your performance. You being comfortable with your voice is needed to get the best. Voice is one of the best traits of your personality. Your training can help you to reach the best of your ability. Keep practising by talking yourself in the mirror or learning new tones and accents. Try and practice what you are learning.

Wrapping it Up:

Just keep in mind to stay chill and relax. Classes are there to groom you not pressurize you. Have fun and learn as much as you can at your acting academy in Delhi. It is true that performing in front of a room full of strangers can be nerve-wracking. Just remember that this what you have dreamt and thought about since you can dream and think. Just remember why you are here and what is your passion. No path is an easy path, one has to work hard and stay dedicated. Learn as much as you can from your classes and make use of it to the fullest. As this is the way to carve your own path of success.

Let’s end with a quote by Craig MacDonald,

The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive.